Saturday, April 20, 2019

My 1st USM Gorham Spring Craft Show

I have been trying to get into the USM Gorham Craft Show for years but I was turned down several times. But this year, I finally got the email of acceptance and I was ecstatic!

So here is what my set up looks like.


This year, I included calligraphy pieces to my repertoire and I was happy with the result.

I'm stoked. I did great at the Craft Show and I'm looking forward to the Fall Show.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

New Framed Calligraphy Items

I've decided to change things up recently. Mandala drawing is taking a break and I found peace in writing my thoughts - #ruthilicioushindsight more specifically.

So here are some of the stuff I came up with.

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Accidental Artist

I consider myself an "Accidental Artist". Now somebody accidentally bought my mandala home state art piece. I'm over the moon.

A lot of people who saw my artwork always tell me to sell them and I wasn't very confident. But for some reason I decided to post it "For Sale" and in a matter of 1 minute, it was sold out! So happy. I can do this every day. Wait. I do this every day. It's my stress-release activity.

Thanks for the blessing.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015: A great year for crafting

Year 2015 is a great year for me. Thanks to a renewed motivation in crafting. This year I have joined a lot of Craft Shows and so far I was happy that I gave it another chance.
 The Acton Fair last August.

This year I also teamed up with a good friend of mine LeesiePie who share the same passion and interests in crafting. Together we were able to join Craft Shows and enjoyed each others' company.

The Acton Fair was the first craft show we joined together with a couple of two other friends we know from work. It was not as good as we expected though but it was a good exposure I guess and I was able to gain great ideas on what to do for my next show.
The American Legion Craft Fair which only made a sale of $1.50. LOL (The organizer wasn't very organized that was why it didn't make money.) was a big disappointment but it did not shatter our passion. We kept making more crafts for the next show scheduled and just accepted the fate as a bad experience. We also decided not to do it again next time.
The Carl J. Lamb Craft Show last November. It was a success and the very first time I wore my cool vendor's apron which I hand-sewn using old jeans and ruffled purse I got from yard sale.
 I made all the display paraphernalia here too.
 Then, we had our last show for the year at the Massabessic Holiday Fair.
 It was the most successful show I had so far.
 The Massabessic Holiday Fair was the very first show I joined which was in 2011.
I was happy with how I displayed my items. I guess I finally got the hang of it. And yes, my vendor's apron got a lot of compliments too. It was a big hit among vendors too.
I want to thank my Hubby for making me some peg board boxes which helped me display my items nicely.

Also this year, since LeesiePie and I decided to do a lot of Craft Shows together, we decided to call us - The Sassy Crafters. And this is what we are going to be called from now on.

Well, 2015 is indeed a great year for me and I am looking forward for more creative endeavors with LeesiePie. Watch out for 2016.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Acton Fair

The Acton Craft Fair was a couple of weeks ago and it's only now that I found the chance to write about it. Sorry about that. I was caught up with lots of things. Promise. Anyway, here are the photos of my crafts' display.
 Setting up the items was not as hard as the first fair I joined. Maybe because I have a friend who helped me put them up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Website Re-revamping

So I am on fire right now. Yesterday, I tweaked my website to update it and to complement the new label for the craft pieces. And I was able to blog about it too. And last night I was able to finish my new collection pieces... The Day of the Dead. Baked them. Glazed them. And photographed them.
The Day of the Dead Collection

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ruthilicious Designs

After more than a couple of years of hiatus, I am back into crafting. A lot of things happened in the past couple of years and I just got side-tracked. As a result, my crafting took a backseat. But now that I was able to get organized and get things straightened up I am so happy to re-introduce the fruit of my creative passion.
My old Business Card
My New Business Card
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